National Public Speaking Competition

For the students of Kohtla-Järve Ühisgümnaasium it's the third experience of taking part in NPSC (National Public Speaking Competition) in a row. Each time we highly appreciate the opportunity and enjoy the event starting with the warm welcome of Riina as a true host of Tallinn Volikogu and professional facilitator throught the contest and finishing with bits of friendly talks,opinion exchage and jokes with Gustav and co-speakers after the final.
The competition of 2012 appeared to be more competitive and thus more captivating because of the impromptu speeches. It added irresistable sparkle to the procedure so that the final turned out to be absolutely brilliant. The best six speakers have demonstrated not only an excellent command of English but also shared profound competence of what they were speaking about. So we felt like plunging into the flow of intelligence and understanding of the world we all live in. In other words all of us witnessed the wisdom of Youth.
It all has become realistic due to the proper organisation of the procedure with Zinaida as a head and a dedicated team who did their best to create the atmosphere, provide a substantial lunch,facinating prizes and many more.

We are proud to announce that this year Pavel Volonkin from 12B reached the final and proved to be one of the best six public speakers in Estonia. He was also awarded with the prize of the audience.

Thank you all for the great job. Wish you further enthusiasm, inspiration and energy on the way of Public Speaking.

EFL teacher, teacher trainer Jelena Hmeljova

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