The American Drama Group Europe in Tallinn

The American Drama Group Europe in Tallinn 12.november 2013.

Theater performance Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde.
Jelena Hmeljova, Irina Rozanova and our motivated students.— at Salme kultuurikeskus

Jelena Hmeljova It was brilliant and captivating! There's much food for thinking . "All that is right is not always true..." Appreciate the experience and opportunity of enjoying this piece of art. Bravo to actors and producer!

Irina Rozanova Thank You so much for giving us the opportunity to be part of it! Loved it! Great Day!

Elina Ausmees It was the first performance I had seen in English. The serious play struck my imagination. At some moments I was really scared. However, the humour and professional acting made the atmosphere more appealing.
Thank you for the originality and creativity!

Iris Vilde I was impressed by the interaction between the actors and the audience.It creats the effect that you are a part of the performance.I was sitting next to the stage and some drops of Dr. Jekyll's blue liquid sprinkled on me and my neighbour.I liked this magic. It's amasing how one actor is so good at playing several parts in one play .The plot was captivating. I followed each scene with much interest.The acting is piercing and you feel negative and positive emotions as you see black and white. I would like to join next theater season in Tallinn.

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